KS4 Course Overview Geography


AQA Specification A


At GCSE this exam board enables us the opportunity to study a range of topics from Coastal Landscapes to Ice and Glaciation; and Population to Natural Hazards. GCSE Geography examinations are now linear and take place at the end of Year 11. Students will also experience an essential Field Trip to investigate a geographical issue to gain ‘in-field’ experience and to get ready for their Controlled Assessments. We openly encourage our students to opt for A-Level Geography and take up this amazing subject throughout their educational careers.

Ideally students studying GCSE Geography should be rated at least 'Secure' at KS3. Students achieving above this are openly encouraged to take the subject and are likely to succeed in the subject. GCSE students should have a natural love for the subject and be willing to carry out personalised research into global issues and case study examples. If you are interested in the world that surrounds you and intrigued by why things occur, then Geography is the subject for you.


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Topic 1 - Waters, Rivers and Flooding

Topic 2 - Coastal Landscapes

Topic 3 - Ice and Glaciation Topic 4 - Cold Environments



Topic 1 - Population

Topic 2 - Tourism

Topic 3 - Urban Issues and Challenges

Topic 4 - The Changing Economic World



Topic 1 - Ecosystems and Tropical Rainforests

Topic 2 - Resource Management

Topic  3 - The Challenge of Natural Hazards

Topic 4 - Issue Evaluation - Pre Release Booklet