KS4 Course Overview RE


OCR - GCSE RE Philosophy and Ethics

The course in Philosophy and Ethics includes the topics Equality, Justice, Medical Ethics, Relationships, Science and Religion, Good and Evil, The Nature of God and Religious Experience. Homework is given fortnightly and can take the form of revision, investigation, learning of key terms, practice examination questions or pre-reading. All examinations are taken at the end of the two year linear course. In the examination pupils can answer from a variety of religious backgrounds (Judaism, Sikhism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism) but as a Church of England school we teach exclusively from a Christian perspective.

Students need to develop the ability to look at any issue from more than one point of view before arriving at a considered conclusion. Students are also encouraged to analyse the points they have made for strengths and weaknesses. As well as developing personal opinions students must also explore Christian teachings on the issue being explored.

Assessment - currently takes the form of 4 one hour papers divided up into units:

B601 – Deity, Religious Experience and End of Life

B602 – Good and Evil, Revelation and Science and Religion

B603 – Medical Ethics, Relationships and Poverty

B604 – Peace and Justice, Equality and Religion and the Media



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


An Introduction to RE GCSE

Religion, Peace and Justice

Religion, Peace and Justice

Existence of God and Ultimate Reality

Existence of God and Ultimate Reality

Christianity (beliefs)


Unit B603 Medical Ethics

Unit B603 Relationship

Unit B601 Deity

Unit B601 Religious Experience

Unit B602 Science and Religion


Unit b602 Good and Evil

Unit B604 Peace and Justice

Unit B604 Equality