KS3 Course Overview RE


RE is one of the most important subjects on the curriculum because in it you will not only learn about different religions and how they work but you will also come to see how similar they are in many ways. To understand what and why others believe is an essential part of living in a multicultural and multi faith society.

In RE you'll also consider moral issues like abortion, crime and punishment, as well as asking (or trying to answer) the big questions like "Why are we here?" "Does God exist?" "Why is there so much suffering and evil in the world?"

In Year 7, you will study Christian theology which includes concepts such as 'temptation,' the 'fall,' law, prophecy and covenant. You will then move on to looking at other faiths with a focus on leadership and service to others.  In Year 8, you will focus on Islam and Buddhism, as well as recent developments within the Christian Church.


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Topic 1- Learning to learn, an introduction to Biblical skills


Topic 2 – The human story part 1. A study of God’s relationship with the Jewish people.

Topic 3 - The human story part 2. A study of the person of Jesus.


Topic 4 - The human story part 3. A study of the significance of the death and resurrection of Jesus for the Christian people.

Topic 5 and 6 – A study of the key events and teachings of the Sikh religion as well as how it impacts the lifestyles and traditions of believers.



Topic 1 – Buddhism and Suffering


Topic 2 – Buddhism and Escapism

Topic 3 – A study of the key events and teachings of the Islamic religion.


Topic 4 – Islam in Britain.

Topic 5 - The human story part 4. What happened after the death of Jesus?