KS4 Course Overview Mathematics


Edexcel –1MA0 GCSE Mathematics A

This is a linear course with three papers, one is a non calculator paper and two are calculator papers. All 3 papers are 1 hour and 30 minutes long and are each out of 80 marks.

Two tiers are available:

Foundation tier: grades 1-5

Higher tier: grades 6-9

All 3 papers must be taken at the same level of entry.

In Mathematics, students are taught in sets based on their ability, previous attainment and progress. Our curriculum builds on the skills developed in KS3 and at the start of Year 9, pupils begin studying for GCSE following the new linear Mathematics syllabus:  Number, Algebra, Ration, Proportion and Rates of change, Geometry and Measures, Probability and Statistics.

We endeavour to plan inspiring and engaging lessons where possible so that students can develop an understanding of the mathematics all around them and the way it fits into every aspect of life. The latest Mathematics GCSE specification also requires that students develop their understanding of real-life situations and use mathematical techniques to solve the problems, such as electricity usage, interest rates, planning garden areas and many more.



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Ratio, Proportion, fractions, algebra coding, substitution, solving linear equations, directed numbers, brackets, area. Compound measures

best buys, rounding, place value, angles, Pythagoras, construction,

averages, frequency Tables,  scatter diagrams,

Probability, Transformations, Coordinates, Types of number, Sequences, HCF/LCM,


Proportion inverse and direct, Fractions and percentages, significant figures, averages, frequency diagrams, standard form

solving linear equations and simple quadratics, factorising, similarity, area and volume,  locus, cumulative frequency, Box and Whisker plots

Enlargements, Trigonometry, bearings,

Histograms, simultaneous Equations, quadratic graphs, trial and Improvement


Inverse Proportion, Probability Trees, circle Theorems, surds, quadratic equations.

Sine/Cosine Rule, Vectors, Graphs and Functions, Transformation of functions. Revision

Revision/ Exam Practice.