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New Sports added to timetable

New Sports added to timetable

Posted: 23rd May 2018

Golf, lacrosse and softball are now on a school’s timetable as it broadens its appeal to young people.

Epping St John’s School is adding more and more unique sports to its curriculum as it overhauls the PE department.

Sarah Viccars, director of learning, creative and physical innovations, said it’s about promoting as many opportunities to young people as possible. She said: “A lot of learning takes place outside of the classroom and we want our students to have as many experiences as possible.

“We started to make the changes in lessons and as interest grows in individual sports, we will launch extra-curricular clubs. We have already doubled the number of sport clubs on offer.”

While the school’s Year 8 boys were recently crowned district champions in football, lesser played sports such as hockey are being brought back and new ones introduced.

Mrs Viccars said: “Not everyone wants to play football. It’s about finding a new sport they are interested in. Lots of our students play golf at the weekend and you can get a GCSE in it now so we should not ignore it.

“Students are really enjoying the new choice.”

Sports are taught in three-week blocks of skill-based lessons.

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