Cashless Catering and Parent Pay

ESJ use a cashless catering system. Each student can have their Biometric Fingerprint recorded or use a PIN for use to purchase food from the Cafe.

Parents are able to credit their child's account in one of two ways.


All parents are issued a username and password to log in to the secure and convenient online ParentPay website

Parents can then credit their child's account online at any time, check the online balance and record of payments made.


Anyone who may wish to continue to use cash payments can do so using a barcoded letter.  This will supplied by the School and can be taken into any convenience store or supermarket where the PayPoint logo is shown.
Parent Pay

Parentpay offers parents the freedom to top-up their child's account at any time quickly and easily with a debit or credit card.

The benefits of being flexible, convenient and reduce the need for students to carry large amounts of cash into school.

Parents can log-on to ParentPay to review their account and view their child’s use of the Café.  They can also add daily limits for dining accounts.

All parents are issued with a secure online account which is accessed with a unique user I.D and password.

From 1st January 2018 ESJ will no longer accept cash (other than during ‘one-off’ fund raising events).  The ‘revaluer’ in school will be used by students to check their account balances only.  The above methods will need to be used for all payments i.e. trips, equipment purchase etc.

For further information visit

For your user name and password (and any other queries please contact Mr Skinner (ESJ Finance Assistant)