High Achieving Pupils (HAPs)


Approximately 10% of pupils are placed on the High Achieving Pupil (HAP) Register at ESJ in each Year Group. Pupils can be identified as being a HAP in one or more subjects. Teachers in all subject areas are welcome to nominate individual pupils in recognition of excellent work or potential. The main criterion for being identified is that it is expected that the pupil will achieve at least a GCSE Grade A in that particular subject.

It is expected that individual departments will offer curriculum enrichment sessions for High Achieving Pupils in master-classes. In English, for example, there is the Shadowing the Carnegie Teenage Prize for Fiction Reading Challenge, Newspaper Club, Globe Trips (Years 7-9)  as well as the Jack Petchey Speak-Out Challenge (Year 10) and The Epping Forest Parliamentary Debate Competition (Year 11). In Maths, High Achieving Pupils are often entered for National Maths Competitions. Other departments offer similar extra-curricular activities such as RE which enters pupils for the National Bible Project (we achieved 3rd place nationally in 2013.)

A HAP Summer School is organised each year to offer extra provision for pupils in Years 6-8 at the end of the Summer Term. This is particularly useful for Year 6 pupils who will start their Secondary School career at ESJ the following September. Pupils are expected to work collaboratively and creatively in problem-solving tasks. Each Summer School has a given theme; in the past few years Animal Welfare, The Olympics and Shakespeare have been the main focus of enquiry and investigation.

We have High Achieving Pupil Working Party at ESJ. Teachers from all Faculties meet to discuss issues relating to the teaching of High Achieving  pupils. In particular, they focus on the enhanced skills which are needed for pupils to excel in curriculum areas.