Scientific Arts Faculty

Subjects:  Science, Design Technology, Engineering, Food Technology, Psychology and Child Development

Our vision is to prepare students for the technological age that we live in.  From the moment you are woken by electrical energy being transferred to sound energy in your alarm clock, to the time your brain chemicals change to allow you to sleep at night, you are surrounded by Science, Technology and Engineering.  Our aim is to help students to develop the skills and enthusiasm for these subjects. This could help you to succeed in your chosen field or even allow you the opportunity to become the next Einstein, Brunel or Dyson!

Year 7

In year 7 we build upon the knowledge and skills gained in primary school.  We have well equipped workshops, laboratories and computer suites that students will learn in. We introduce safe and effective working practices in these exciting new learning environments. 

In Science lessons we introduce the principles behind how scientists work: making hypotheses; testing ideas; collaborating with others and being open minded enough to change our ideas when new evidence comes to light.  Students learn these skills and principles through the strands of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

Our Design and Technology lessons contain the features of a genuine Design and Technology experience from the students’ perspective. This applies to all material areas and projects undertaken.   The principles are: user; purpose; functionality; design decisions; innovation and authenticity.

Year 8

In year 8 we build upon the foundation skills developed in year 7.  Our aim is to prepare students for further study in all Science, Technology and Engineering subjects and to give them the experience needed to make the correct choices during their year 8 options.  As students move through year 8 there is an increasing move towards the teaching and learning of the skills, knowledge and understanding needed at GCSE level.

KS3 Course Overview Science
KS3 Course Overview Design Technology

Year 9, 10 and 11

At KS4 all students will continue to study Science but we have a number of different pathways to personalise learning and ensure that students study the most appropriate course for their individual needs.  Students who wish to study Science at A level, those who wish to follow a career in Science or those with a particular interest in Science can opt to take triple Science.  These students will take Biology, Chemistry and Physics as 3 separate GCSEs.  Other students will study Science A and Additional Science GCSEs.  They cover two thirds of each of the separate Sciences and the final 2 grades are calculated form a combination of Biology, Chemistry and Physics marks.  Some students will study Science as a level 2 BTEC qualification which covers the same general scientific principals but has a higher emphasis on portfolio work.

We also offer a number of Technology and Engineering options within the faculty.  These include Product Design GCSE, Catering GCSE, Engineering BTEC and Engineering GCSE.

KS4 Course Overview Science
KS4 Course Overview Product Design
KS4 Course Overview Catering
KS4 Course Overview Engineering