Creative and Physical Innovations Faculty

Subjects:  Art, Dance, Drama, Music and Physical Education

In the Creative and Physical Innovations Faculty we work incredibly hard to encourage and develop young people and their individual abilities and talents. All of our staff are passionate about their respective subjects and go above and beyond to foster and inspire ESJ students to be the best that they can be. We work with all young people across the ability range with the sole aim of personal development and progress through the delivery of enjoyable, innovative and engaging lessons.

The national curriculum allows for the learning and teaching of all key skills and abilities, however across the faculty we encourage students to engage with us in their own time at lunch and afterschool. Many young people at ESJ take these opportunities and across the school week you will find all of our departments busy with students engaging in the Creative Arts.

Over the course of the school year we offer a broad range of trips and visits to theatres, galleries and sporting venues to encourage our young people to expand their knowledge and experiences of the Creative Arts. These trips and visits are incredibly well attended and we are often required to increase places and availability due to the high demand.

KS3 Core learning and teaching in Creative Arts

Across years 7-8, students access all of the Creative Arts subjects and we follow the national curriculum guidelines on core skills and abilities. This ensures that we offer a broad range of topics and activities so that every child’s individual needs can be met. We are an inclusive faculty and use Student Voice and feedback to help ensure that every child feels happy and safe when in our learning environments. Whilst there are compulsory components to our Key stage 3 curriculums we try to design our schemes of work and lessons to cater for the young people in front of us.

KS3 Course Overview Art
KS3 Course Overview Drama
KS3 Course Overview Music
KS3 Course Overview PE

Taking Creative Arts subjects as an Option in KS4

All Creative Arts subjects have historically been very popular choices in Key stage 4.  Four of our five subjects have a strong practical element therefore exposing students to GCSE style assessment throughout year 8, allows them to prepare and understand in part, what the GCSE/BTEC course will require of them.

All Creative Arts subjects are offered across all pathway options at KS4 either in GCSE or BTEC format. 

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KS4 Course Overview Art
KS4 Course Overview Drama
KS4 Overview Child Development
KS4 Course Overview Music
KS4 Course Overview PE