Enterprising Logic Faculty

Subjects:  Mathematics, Business Studies, ICT, Computing

The Mathematics and Numeracy Faculty aims to deliver an innovative and creative curriculum to all students within a supportive and stimulating environment.  As a team we share a dedicated passion for our subjects and strive to make each area interesting, fun, challenging and accessible to all students. The mathematics staff are all highly qualified graduates, many of us with extensive A level teaching experience.

In mathematics we aim to involve students in a variety of approaches to their learning.  We encourage them to work co-operatively, sharing ideas and communicating mathematically, as well as using creative and independent approaches to problem solving.

ICT, Business Studies and Computing are taught to all budding entrepreneurs at GCSE.  Computing is being taught throughout Year 7, enabling students to acquire programming, logical thought and problem solving skills.  These skills will permeate through all aspects of learning and will prepare our students for ever changing life in the 21st century. ICT and Business Studies are very popular and successful subjects at GCSE.

Mathematics is taught throughout all Year Groups in sets based on progress and prior attainment levels.  Students are assessed and sets are regularly reviewed to track and ensure good progress. 

Years 7 and 8

At the start of year 7 students take a baseline test. The results are used to ensure that students are placed in the correct sets. These sets are reviewed at regular intervals throughout the year.

In years 7 and 8 we follow the National Curriculum requirements of learning and problem solving through the broad areas of number, algebra, geometry and statistics. The new National Curriculum requires that we teach the basic skills of mathematics in greater depth to ensure students are equipped to solve problems using these skills and to prepare for more demanding GCSE questions. We are adjusting our schemes of work to take account of this as we teach throughout year 7 and 8. We also now have more time throughout the curriculum to facilitate this.

KS3 Course Overview Mathematics
KS3 Course Overview Computing

Years 9 to 11

In years 9 – 11 students being taught the GCSE Mathematics linear specification to ensure good preparation for their exams in Year 11 and further study to ‘A’ Level.  All students are taught at the levels which suit their needs with the aim that most are entered for the higher GCSE in Year 11. If it is more suitable some students are entered for the foundation paper. Students can achieve at least a grade C on either paper. Students in the top sets are taught skills to allow them to access ‘A; Levels in Core (Pure) Mathematics and Mechanics or Statistics, in preparation for entry to high quality universities. Mathematics A level is highly respected and can lead to careers in vehicle design, engineering, accountancy and sciences such as astronomy and medicine.

KS4 Course Overview Mathematics
KS4 Course Overview Business Studies
KS4 Course Overview ICT
KS4 Course Overview Computing