Values, Vision and Aims


Our Motto
Aspire – Persevere - Succeed


  • ASPIRE: Creating possibilities – Achieving potential
  • PERSEVERE: Putting learning first - Persistence with a purpose
  • SUCCEED      Activating awareness - Accelerating progress

Our Values

  • Leadership, Passion, Energy, Drive Creativity
  • Rigour, Systematic Approaches, Discipline
  • Knowledge
  • Respect, Dignity, Humility
  • Tolerance, Acceptance
  • Care, Empathy, Understanding, Politeness
  • Team Spirit
  • Equality, Justice
  • Honesty, Truth, Trust, Integrity
  • Joy, Humour, Celebration
  • High Quality and Standards
  • Ambition and Aspirations


Ethos Statement

Epping St. John’s offers a caring community underpinned by the Christian values of tolerance and respect to encourage personal excellence and resilience


School Aims

  • Epping St. John’s promotes a strong Christian ethos, to ensure its Christian values of respect, inclusion and forgiveness are understood and enacted by all its stakeholders
  • Epping St. John’s has high expectations of its students for learning, progress and behaviour
  • Epping St. John’s is committed to providing high quality teaching to ensure that every child can learn, make progress and achieve
  • Epping St. John’s values and has high expectations of its staff and aims to support and develop them to the highest possible professional standards
  • Epping St. John’s offers transformational learning, taking account of new technologies and embracing the opportunities for greater independence in learning for its students
  • Epping St. John’s develops children to become responsible citizens, who can make a positive contribution to society, when they leave the school
  • Epping St. John’s is committed to the safety and emotional well-being of its students and responds swiftly and effectively to the rare instances of bullying
  • Epping St. John’s uses data to create individual achievement plans, so that every child can receive the teaching, support and guidance to perform at least inline, and often beyond, expected progress
  • Epping St. John’s has strong partnerships with parents and carers, offering opportunities for face-to-face communication on student progress and well-being and providing remote access for parents to monitor their child’s progress
  • Epping St. John’s provides an inspirational physical environment, conducive to inspirational learning and in which students can be happy and feel safe
  • Epping St. John’s is a hub for community learning and leisure, engaging the Epping Community within its buildings and facilities throughout the year
  • Epping St. John’s is the Secondary school of choice for the Epping Community and surrounding villages, welcoming all children, irrespective of their race, faith, religion, ability or disability
  • Epping St. John’s will strive to offer high quality post-16 education to meet local needs and to address the Raising of the Participation Age (RPA) to 18.