KS4 Course Overview Sociology


Exam board: AQA

Sociology is the study of human society and social groups.  It aims to increase our understanding of the social world by looking at how social structures such as families, education, employment and the media have an effect on our individual behaviour. 

Sociology shows us that society can be better understood by looking at the social processes such as socialisation, culture and identity, and how these have an impact on social issues such as the gap between rich and poor or the rising crime rate. 

Throughout the course you will be encouraged to reflect on your own experiences as human beings living in a complex world.


  Autumn Spring Summer

Sociology Basics - Identity, Gender Identities, Culture, Concepts, Socialisation, Process of Socialisation

Sociology Basics - Agents of Socialisation, Investigating Society, Primary methods, Conducting Research, Quantitative and Qualitative Evidence, Collecting and Using Information/Evidence Media and Identity, Types of Mass Media, Globalisation, Gender and the Media, Defining Youth, Gangs, Youth Subculture

Links between family and identity - definitions of the family and structural changes/relationships

Exploring the Mass Media and the relationship between them and the audience

Culture and Identity - How society functions and how we are shaped as individuals through socialisation Crime and Deviance - The types of crime and deviance that exists in society

Evaluating pre-release materials and using primary/secondary methods/techniques

Introduction to official crime statistics and the ways that crime is measured

Youth - Looking at the ways that the concept of Youth is constructed and exploring the social disappearance of childhood Youth - Looking at Social Control, how peer groups operate and the relationship between the Mass Media and moral panics.