KS4 Course Overview History


GCSE History - Edexcel Modern World History (A)


This is a three year, linear assessed course covering international relations, Germany, Crime and punishment and 20th Century Britain. Through this combination of topics students are able to grow as free-thinking, individual learners and gain a clearer understanding of the world they live in from both political and social perspectives.

Students are encouraged to develop their own opinions and consider different perspectives of events and issues based on the evidence presented. A good level of literacy will support their studies as well as the ability to write effective discursive and analytical essays. An interest in political thought and current affairs, their impact and change is encouraged in both current and historical format.

In Year 9, students will begin the course and will consider various aspects and periods continuity and change throughout the 20th and 21st Century, such as why the industrial revolution occurred and the impact of terrorism in the modern world. the key timespans will incorporate turning points and key events that helped shape the world that we live in.  Throughout their studies, students are encouraged to be independent learners and develop analytical skills. 

Exam requirements:

Four aspects, each providing 25% of the total GCSE.

  • Unit 1, International Relations. 1hr 15m, External examination in summer term of y11
  • Unit 2, Germany, 1hr 15m, external examination in summer term of y11
  • Unit 3, 20th Century Britain, external examination in summer term of y11
  • Unit 4, Crime and Policing, Controlled assessment 2hr 30m write up over autumn term of y11, submitted for external moderation.



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Why there? Why then? The causes and consequences of the Industrial Revolution.

The Great War

World War 2

Why was the Holocaust allowed to happen? Independent research project.

International relations - Causes and crisis of the Cold War.

Elizabethan England - Religious, social and political policies that were the backdrop to the Empire.



Germany. international  relations

International relations


Controlled Assessment