KS3 Course Overview Art


Our aim is to inspire students to explore the creative process and achieve the highest standards in their individual artwork. Our curriculum provides students with diverse opportunities to study current and past masters while learning core skills through a variety of media.  Most important of all, we look to ensure the process of making artwork is all consuming and enjoyable, allowing our students to create unique work that they can be proud of.

At KS3, we offer a range of thematic projects that will help students develop a variety of skills in traditional and new media. Our projects have been carefully designed to introduce students to a spectrum of artists in order to facilitate their understanding of art in its broadest context. Students will also develop artistic confidence and visual recording skills through structured and engaging lessons.


Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


Michael Craig Martin project 1

Surreal Insect Sculpture project 2

My journey to school


Fantasy buildings

My journey to school

Natural Form