KS4 Course Overview ICT




A course in Information and Communication Technology offers a unique opportunity in the curriculum for candidates to identify and solve real problems by designing information and communication systems in a wide range of contexts relating to their personal interests. Information and Communication Technology develops candidates' interdisciplinary skills and their capacity for imaginative, innovative thinking, creativity and independence.

The specification encourages the investigation and study of Information and Communication Technology in a variety of contexts.  In these contexts the candidates are given opportunities to acquire competence, capability and critical skills through the creation, implementation, use and evaluation of a range of information and communication systems.  Candidates from all cultures and both genders can develop their interest in, enjoyment of, and critical reflection about information technology as an integral part of modern society.



Autumn Term

Spring Term

Summer Term


(Unit 1 and Unit 2)

  1. Data and quality of data
  2. Home entertainment
  3. Home and personal communication systems
  4. Home business
  5. Organisations




CA – Unit 4 (22hrs)

      24.  Process Control

  1. ICT and learning
  2. Applications software
  3. Information handling


CA – Unit 2 (22hrs)

  1. E-Mail
  2. Spreadsheets
  3. Desktop publishing
  4. Web software
  5. Health and Safety


(Unit 3

  1. Data, information and knowledge
  2. Multi-media
  3. Art in ICT
  4. Presentation Software
  5. Multi-media industries
  6. Animation




  1. Networks
  2. Social and environmental impact
  3. The Human-Computer Interface
  4. Application of ICT

25.Stock Control systems

         26. Safety in organisations

27. Examination Revision





(Numbers indicate which chapters are covered in the scheme of work)