KS4 Course Overview Media

GCSE Media Studies – WJEC exam board. Linear Specification.

This is a two year course where students study a variety of Media forms and also produce their own Media texts. In Year 10, the students cover the Key Concepts of Genre, Representation and Narrative and investigate the Media Industry and Audience Issues. Current topics include: Film, Advertising and Marketing, Magazines and Pop Music to be covered in Year 10. Students also complete three Textual Investigations during the year which are presented either as essays or PowerPoint presentations.  Year 11 begins with the Production Controlled Assessment. This is a chance for students to produce a Media Production of their own choosing. Past productions include: an excerpt from a television documentary; magazine front cover and additional page; cd cover and insert for a new artist; photo stories and double page spreads for comics. Year 11 are then prepared for their examination topics which change every year. Previous topics include: Pop music: magazines and websites; Television Drama (excluding Crime); Crime Television Drama and magazines; Print advertising and Television advertising.


  Autumn Spring Summer
9 from 2015 - 2016 An introduction to Media and Pop music Film and the horror genre and Film trailer production Comics and Mini production

10 from 2015 - 2016

Introduction to Media

Film and the Sci-fi genre


Analysing the conventions of a film poster (CW) and representations in situation comedies (CW)


Preparation for exams 2017 - Newspapers and Radio News


11 from 2015 - 2106

 Short course on film trailers/ beginnings of media 'production'

 Film trailers

 Exam preparation